A Season for Celebrations

Photo on 2-28-14 at 11.03 AM #3

Dear Friends,

The sun is struggling to shine through the shreds of mist that cover the
the mountain range I am usually able to see at this time. The birds are
silent; no doubt perched on the thin branches of the trees that line our
property. I think about people whose jobs require them to venture out
despite the sprinkles and know myself blessed because I can linger in
my warm and cozy home until I choose to go out and move my body in
gratitude for all that I have in my life. I hope the same is true for you.

We find ourselves surprised each year at how quickly the holiday season
arrives. We will all be busy decorating and preparing our homes for the
guests and activities that are part of the last month of every year. At this
time, it is important to remember to take care of our physical, mental and
spiritual health so that we can enjoy the special people and events these
festive days bring us. For me, these are some real aspirations behind the
celebrations: peace in the world, joy in our hearts and renewed hope for
a blessed 2017 for us all.

I am feeling nostalgic because none of our children will be present for
Christmas this year due to other commitments, not to mention how
expensive air travel is right now. We will welcome them in January and
it will be a wonderful time for celebrating. I am so happy that when they
were young we made every effort to enjoy their stages of development;
we knew instinctively that a new stage would appear very quickly.

As my life begins to head toward “late adulthood”, it has become more
urgent to transform our former classroom into a personal space that will
encourage my creativity and surround me with beautiful and meaningful
items. Last Friday I spent many hours culling the ancient files I have
from our children’s school days that serve no purpose but take up “real
estate” in the area. It is a daunting but rewarding task that has jolted my
memory of the many singular moments we shared in that room. The
happy recollections make future reunions something to look forward to.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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