Atenas Decorates itself for the Holidays

me in santa hat

Dear Friends,

Greetings on a quiet and cool Sunday morning. I have just had a
wonderful breakfast (compliments of my husband and visiting
sister-in-law). As I listen to Yiruma on YouTube, I am filled with
gratitude for all the gifts life is offering me at this special time.
Get out early today and make an inventory of all the wonderful
things in your life too, not the least of which is the ability to enjoy
your surroundings.

Although the lovely December breezes have not yet arrived, our small
county is infused with the optimism and energy that reign during this
month in most parts of the world. It was fun to go out and about in
town yesterday and observe the different ways in which businesses
and homes are decorated to celebrate the upcoming holidays. I have
decided to begin my own decorating this week, something I use to count
on our daughter to do while I stood aside and enjoyed the results!

The Central Park of Atenas is cheerfully being transformed by organized
groups and businesses to reflect some holiday cheer in preparation for
the main event (The Festival of Lights) that will be held next weekend.
Despite the criticism from some residents, I applaud the Municipality’s
efforts to encourage this joint effort to create the special ambiance that
continues to draw so many people to our little town all year round. The
image of Atenas has changed a lot over the years and hopefully this
first attempt to do something different will inspire even better and more
creative participation as years go by.

In the coming weeks, we will all be very busy with the activities that are
center around the holidays. We are receiving visitors, or making plans to
travel to be with our families. As we take the focus away from our daily
routine to decorate, cook traditional meals, or put up with traffic jams in
search of the perfect gifts for our loved ones, it is important to revel in
our connection to our community that binds us by a mutual desire to
share hope, joy and prosperity now and in the future.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific and fun week, Marietta

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