The End of An Era in Our Home

Photo on 12-7-14 at 11.20 AM #4

Dear Friends,

It’s a gorgeous morning, sunny and quiet except for the occasional
chirps from our resident birds announcing that they are awake, alert
and ready to greet the day. Get out early today and enjoy walking in
nature before devoting yourself to the season’s frenetic hustle! Don’t
forget to take a little time to rest, relax and meditate too.

It has been an emotionally heartbreaking week in our household. On
Monday, we said goodbye to our seventeen and a half year old dog,
Winnie, whose mental confusion was too great to support another day.
She was our companion for these 17 years; that special member of the
family with whom we all shared an intense bond and will never forget.

“The end of an era” our daughter called it and it is so true. Winnie was
a gift and her passing has brought feelings of grief and sadness that will
be with us for a long time. We take comfort in knowing we gave her a
wonderful life and know not many dogs live as long as she did. It has
been a difficult year for our pets with Canela in a car accident in June
and little Sol passing away at 15 in August.


Virginia Umaña, tireless founder of Fundación Animales Atenas CR,
and activist/volunteer for many other projects in Atenas passed away
last Sunday. I was privileged to have had the opportunity to join her in
many events in Atenas for several years. I know that she, Winnie, Sol
and hundreds of other rescue animals she cared for over the years are
sharing a special place right now. Virginia was an example of the real
meaning of kindness, empathy and humility. May she rest in peace.

Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta
Brighten your day.

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