A message for a beautiful morning


Dear Friends,

Greetings on this glorious Sunday morning! After a good
breakfast, it’s a good idea to get out and enjoy the many gifts of
nature and try out one the gifts found under your tree!

The lovely December breezes have infused our town with energy
and optimism, both apparent last weekend during the fair in the
park, the Dance Festival and the colorful Festival of Lights that was
organized by the Municipality and other prominent Atenas groups.
It was an opportunity for many of us to mix and mingle while
enjoying lovely music and tasty seasonal treats.

The past few weeks have also had most of us partaking of activities
focusing on the holidays. Many have been receiving visitors, or
making plans to travel to be with family. This time of the year takes
the focus off our daily routine, adding a desire to clean and decorate;
cook traditional meals and visit frantic malls in search of the perfect
gifts for our loved ones!

Since we succumb to the ‘busy-ness’ of the holiday season, it is easy
to forget that the commercial aspect is just a tiny part of the real spirit
of the season which is to bring hope, joy, and a feeling of ‘family’ and
community to us all. It is heartwarming to know that the generosity of
the townspeople of Atenas has made it possible for more than 300
children to open a gift this morning. Kudos to all the organizers,
sponsors and their many volunteers.

There are many selfless acts taking place in all neighborhoods around
town all year long that stress the importance to our spiritual health of
feeling part of something. A friend told me years ago that while the
family that we are born into is important, the additional “family” that
we make along the way is one that also provides a connection to the
rest of humanity. May we continue to respond to our strong desire
to bring hope, joy and prosperity to all.

Have a blessed day and a wonderful last week of 2016!

Merry Christmas, Marietta

Like a boss.

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