The first day and Sunday of 2017!


Dear Friends,

Greetings on this first day and first Sunday of 2017! Let’s all begin the
year in loving gratitude for all our blessings and in gentle movement
to maintain or improve our health. As I write on this gorgeous, calm
morning, I can make out the subtle voices of the birds in the trees.
Usually by this time of the year, the trees would be leafless but the
recent, strong rains have made it possible to still enjoy a green view.

The past week has been filled with celebrations for everyone in my
circle. Small, private gatherings and large, boisterous ones were held
in different venues. I could feel the change in my own energy when
the conversations I overheard became an inventory of things that were
accomplished (or not) in 2016 and of new goals for 2017. I made a
mental note to recall all the goals I had set for myself in 2016. I find
that as each year passes, my “resolutions” become simpler and fewer!

As I begin to jot down my aims for this year, I am very aware that life
is a fragile chain of days that link together and stretch for a length that
we cannot predict and is not under our control. This awareness is a
bonus because it is requiring me to think of how to capitalize on what
I can control (my priorities, my reactions, my time management, etc.).
Each morning gives me another opportunity to structure a rewarding
day; each evening provides the chance to review what worked and
what needs refinement. I look forward to many more days.

Our family is anticipating the celebration of significant life changes in
the coming months. The routine I have become too content with will
be interrupted positively by visitors, travel, and personal aspirations.
I will be working on slowing down my pace and my involvement in
activities that no longer bring me joy so that I can experience inner
peace more regularly. My inner peace is truly attainable when there
is alignment with what I really enjoy and what I commit to doing too.

Have a wonderful new beginning each day of the year, Marietta

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