A Visit to the Local Post Office


Dear Friends,

Greetings on a cloudy Sunday morning. The air feels a bit dense
this morning as our atmosphere is filled with the tiny volcanic ash
that has been our constant companion on an almost-weekly basis
since September 2016. Despite the grey, somber skies, squirrels
are in trees and from the distance the faint warbles of small birds
reach my ears. Move and stretch to soft, slow beat music as you
gently and gratefully greet the day.

I was in our local post office recently. A young child and her mother
stood behind me on the long line. The girl was restless and bored and
stepped out of line often to impulsively jump or swing from the door
handles while singing and talking to her mother. Nobody complained
but I could sense that the mother was embarrassed as she tried to coax
her child to calm down and be quiet.

At one point, the daughter went over to one of the signs that informed
patrons that the Post Office did not allow: guns, cellphones, sunglasses
or caps inside. The child pointed to each item and read it aloud. When
she finished her Mom suggested that “no disruptive children” should be
added to the list. “Oh, silly mommy!” was the response which the mom
met with a soft chuckle that prompted her daughter to run back to her
and hug her. The scene made me recall with fondness what the joys and
challenges of child rearing are all about and how authentic children are
when they feel safe and loved.

It has been a busy first week of 2017. We have been concentrating
on preparing our home for the arrival of our children and guests this
coming week. This has required going into their rooms to tidy up and
make sure everything is arranged to create ease and comfort for the
short and hectic days we will be sharing. My eyes landed often on
the out of place items I stored in their rooms “temporarily”. I accept
that mental notes do not supplant paper and pen reminders!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

graphic from Bing.com public domain

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