Movie Making!

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Dear Friends,

It is a beautiful sunny Sunday morning where I am. Right now the air
is calm and I can appreciate the landscape outside the window. As I sip
my delicious cup of coffee (yes, from Atenas!), I see the birds flying by
but I don’t hear their song. Perhaps they too are enjoying a bit of silence
as they travel from tree to tree. Get outside early today and enjoy all of
Nature’s gifts.
Our daughter and three of her friends arrived on Wednesday afternoon.
We will be heading to the airport for their flight back later this morning.
Their visit has been quite busy since the purpose of it was to work on
filming the essential scenes of our daughter’s final senior project for May.
They have spent many hours scouting locations, setting up scenes and
shooting and re-shooting until they were satisfied with the results.

It has been an interesting time for me. I have had the privilege of being
able to see first-hand what the world of filmmakers really entails. All
kinds of unexpected production situations (the wind, for example) have
to be dealt with in the moment and one must be flexible and have the
motivation and physical strength to shoot something just one more time.

Our son did the sound recording. I had the opportunity to watch him as
he patiently waited until they were ready to begin while he was carrying
equipment from place to place for hours without complaint. I am proud
of our children and eager to see the post-production project when it is
finalized in May. Being part of this project has made me more aware of
the complicated process involved in bringing storytelling to film. The
behind-the-scenes “actors” are just as important as the stars!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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