Maintaining Inner and Outer Peace


Dear friends,

A somewhat hazy renewal Sunday greets me today; I wonder if it’s the
same for you. Let’s get out and move our bodies early and hope that
the seasonal winds (in Costa Rica) don’t get too strong! Being grateful
for our many blessings is a great habit to acquire as is the resolve to
remain peaceful in thought and deed regardless of our surroundings.

We have lived 21 days of January 2017 already. I ask myself how it
is that each year comes and goes more quickly than the one before it.
I am glad I keep a calendar/journal that provides a loose timeline of
how I spend my days. A perusal of journals of just a few years ago
evidences the many projects I felt compelled to be involved in. I now
realize how much more effective I am when I focus my energies on
just one or two important projects that are realistic and manageable.

Looking out my window at the beautiful mountains that surround me
each morning brings me a feeling of joy that is hard to describe. Our
landscape is almost unequaled and a mental snapshot of it is etched on
my mind and travels with me wherever I go. I am so grateful that I can
live in a small town for which I am totally suited. It is no small thing.

My weekly musings seek to motivate all of us to be active participants
in our own life. Sharing my stories and feelings has forged a bond that
is a vital component of my daily experience. It has made me notice all
the small details of events that unfold around me. Your feedback is
always refreshing and very much appreciated.

Have a great day and week, Marietta

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