Details are Paramount

Photo on 9-23-13 at 11.09 AM

Dear Friends,

A gorgeous Sunday morning greets me. The sun is shining, the air is
warm but the strong breezes are rattling everything outside. I look
around and make sure the doors and windows are closed so that the
paintings on our walls are safe. As I sip my coffee, I notice that a
pencil at the edge of the table is about to fall but I fail to grasp it
before it hits the floor loudly. Reaching for the pencil has forced
me to stretch and breathe deeply. I feel gratitude for waking up to
a new opportunity to live a good day. Get out early today to enjoy
Nature’s bounty wherever the day finds you.

I had a busy, very enjoyable week. The many costly home repair
issues that cropped up for us last month seem to be behind us now
and I look forward to focusing my attention on completing some of
the small projects I have undertaken so far this year. I have a more
realistic idea of how quickly the days pass and of how important it
is to allow for the many interruptions a “normal” day can have.

A week ago yesterday, I sat in the assembly hall of the Senior Residence
in Atenas where the Administration and Board of Directors delivered our
semi-annual report to those gathered. Ever since I became a member of
the board my interest in available research on aging, especially with regards
to socio-economically underprivileged people and those whose autonomy
is compromised, has increased greatly. I have become an avid reader of
topics that never crossed my mind before, despite my “advanced” years!
It is good to be living in the age of technology with so much information
is available.

I arrived early that afternoon and I had the chance to walk through the
light-filled pavilion that about a dozen women call home. Visiting hours
were over for the day. I noticed that the clothes the residents wore fit
them nicely and were individually flattering. I remembered the staff
discusses the “personal styles” of each resident (male and female) before
they begin their semi-annual shopping activity. Afterwards, the clothes
are labeled, laundered and stored in their rooms. The personal attention
paid to these details makes our Senior Residence a benchmark for others;
it is rewarding to be a part of it.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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