A superficial matter!

Photo on 7-1-13 at 10.54 AM

Dear Friends,

The morning sky that surrounds me is hazy. In my mind’s eye, though,
the layers of mountains are visible because they are permanently
etched there as a result of seeing them on clear days. The beauty of
Nature, close or distant, makes me catch my breath and I feel peaceful
and calm as I greet the new day. Get out and move your body in joy.
Spend the day gratefully welcoming an opportunity to contribute.

Another month is reaching its end. As my days begin and end, I find
that I am increasingly desirous of spending more time entering into a
state of reflection about the people and situations around me. In this
small town I live in, there are countless opportunities to observe both
positive and negative contributions and the effect they have on the
general population. The latest drama in Atenas is the color chosen
for the park benches; a sky blue that is supposed to represent one
of the colors of the county flag, the other color is white.


I am amazed by the energy with which critics have taken to social
media to express their sentiments. The heated debate in favor and
against the color itself has extended to include criticism and personal
attacks on participants. The loudest critics, as is often the case, are
those whose time is too precious to make an actual physical appearance
when forums are open to the public but who can waste many hours on
social media with opinions on inconsequential matters (in my opinion!).

As a lifelong “motivator” who hopes never to lose the ability to remain
optimistic despite many challenges faced daily, it puzzles me to witness
how potentially successful endeavors are not nurtured or honored so that
they can become contributions to our community. Nothing is more
destructive than criticism for its sake. It is sad to see people succumb to
an outlook of fear and hopelessness. Confidence and a positive attitude
will increase the chances of reaching our potential, which is immense.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

Picture of bench, flag and Municipality from the FB Page of Centro de Estudios
de la Cultura Ateniense.

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