Repurposing an item!

mari-dec-2016Dear Friends,

The warm, gentle breeze is becoming a strong wind but the puffy white
clouds in the bright blue sky bring back the idyllic memories of my
early childhood that always put a smile on my face. Right now is the
perfect moment to stop what you are doing, take a deep breath and be
thankful for the gift of another day of living. Get out early today so you
can take advantage of Nature’s many blessings!

I am finding that my days begin and end very quickly. Another month
has begun and in no time at all, we will be at the end of it. I am glad
that I live in a small community where not that much happens every
minute and I can spend time each day gazing at the horizon while my
mind seeks creative solutions to miscellaneous personal situations or
home maintenance issues that occasionally crop up.

Right now, I am busy with decisions about the sentimental “collections”
of things that are taking up space in our home. My goal is to prioritize,
let go and clean out items that are no longer being used and that might
serve someone else better. Will our children ever miss or even notice
that their pre-school art is gone? How about the many books which they
can actually access on line if they were inclined to re-read them?

Friday morning found me energized and ready to tackle a small section
of my office. I began by wiping all the surfaces that attract dust in this
dry, windy season. Abandoned in a corner of the bookcase, I saw a clay
duck one of our children pinched, coiled, painted and presented to me
as a gift. It once kept paper clips and was displayed proudly. I held it
while deciding its fate. I am unwilling to part with it and found that my
votive candler holder (which I light almost every day) fits perfectly in
the hollow that once held the clips. Repurposing is a blessing too!


Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta
Time for a break.

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