Interfaith Cooperation and Respect

Dear Friends,

A lovely Sunday morning greets me today. The leaves on the towering
trees sway gently and seconds later the breeze brushes past my curls.
I feel rested and grateful to welcome another day in this marvelous spot.
Get out early today and enjoy all the gifts of Nature, wherever it finds
you on this day.

Last Monday I spent the day touring San José center with a group of
college students from Tennessee. Our first stop was the Metropolitan
Cathedral of San José, the majestic structure that combines Greek
Orthodox, Neoclassical and Baroque styles with its Doric columns,
impressive stained glass windows and a host of other features that
make it a wonderful place to stop for a while and meditate.

Metropolitan Cathedral San Jose

The students had been instructed briefly about observing certain
guidelines when entering the cathedral but the excitement of being
in a new place took over. Their exuberant chatter prompted one of
their classmates to remind them they were in a “church”. I was so
surprised by the passion with which she delivered her message that I
asked her if she was Catholic. “No actually I’m Jewish”, she replied
and that made both of us chuckle and talk about etiquette when going
into different houses of worship.

My new acquaintance loves to travel and showed me many pictures
she took on a recent trip to Toledo, Spain (the city declared a World
Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986). She was particularly impressed
by the fact that Toledo is historically known for the “successful” co-
existence of Christian, Muslim and Jewish cultures many centuries ago.
I am exceedingly grateful to have been able to spend time talking with
her because she embodies a refreshing and optimistic spirit of interfaith
cooperation and respect.

Santa Maria de la Blanca, Toledo Spain

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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