The entertaining auctioneer!

Dear Friends,

The sun’s rays filtering through the blinds woke me up this morning. I
remembered instantly that I must start my day quickly because the annual
livestock auction at the Senior Citizens Residence (Hogar de Ancianos) in
Atenas is today. I stretched and breathed and relaxed my mind so that I
could plan how I will manage the day. Get out early today to enjoy all of
Nature’s blessing wherever you wake up.

My job today is to take pictures of the event so that we can include them
in a video or album to present during our semi-annual report to members
of the Hogar association later this year. I admit that although I have
attended many of the auctions, I’ve never done so in such an official
capacity. I am a little nervous but mostly excited because I will have an
excuse to arrive early and “visually” inspect the livestock and pay atten-
tion to all the little details I have missed in the past.

One of the most fascinating people in the world to me is the auctioneer.
This man is so good at his profession, we recruit him a year in advance
just to make sure he is available for us. His auction chant is fast, funny
and totally understandable (if you speak Spanish) and even though his
filler words seem slurred they are actually smooth and rhythmic when
you get used to them. These auctions are attended by serious, seasoned
bidders (farmers) who know what they’ve come for and who love to
outbid each other and raise large amounts of money for the Hogar.

The livestock auction is prepared many months in advance. It is fun,
exhausting, complicated and exciting. Invitations are sent out, donations
of livestock are requested and challenges appear when we least expect
them. In recent years, this auction is the sole event held on the Sunday
before the annual 4-day fundraiser that follows next weekend. It has
become a tradition and social event that brings together families,
friends, staff and the community. Its growing popularity allows the
Hogar to raise part of the operating budget needed to serve the needs
of our residents. I find it very rewarding personally to be on the team.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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