Ancient but working!

Dear Friends,

Greetings on Easter Sunday and on the sixth day of Passover (Pesach).
Today is a day of renewal, a day for celebrating with family by cooking
and sharing food that is not traditionally eaten often during the year. I
have just finished a delicious breakfast thanks to my husband’s brilliance
in the kitchen and his utmost indulgence of me on Sundays. Get out
early today, making a special effort to be good to the body that is home
to you and that you might be taking for granted!

As I write you this morning I can hear a plane flying overhead, almost
drowning out the song of the plain wren warblers (Cantorchilus modestus)
outside my office. These little birds have no striking plumage but their
whistled song always makes my ears perk up and my eyes seek them in
the shrubs as they wing their way through. I think they are calling for
the rains to start, eager as I am to see the lush, green paradise that is our
“winter”. I am (again!) planning a modest garden, a little goes a long
way and is that much easier to control and enjoy. I will keep you posted
on this project.

This past week was a quiet one in Costa Rica due to the serious Holy
Week events that take place. Government offices closed all week, public
transportation schedules were revised and a throng of beach lovers sat
for hours in traffic while headed to the coasts. Here at home, I discovered
on Thursday that my office phone and internet services were down. I
made the report without any real expectation of having them repaired
until next week so I was very surprised to receive a phone call less than
half an hour later from a technician (Gabriel) who was on his way!

Gabriel arrived in record time (no traffic!). His expert (young) eyes took
a look at the utility pole that housed the ancient wiring now dried out and
crumbling under the hot Atenas sun. He got to work and said that the
wiring had outlived its service life and should be replaced as soon as
possible. He managed to extend its life for now by gently coaxing the
wires out a little bit at a time. His innocent words made me think about
the labor pool and how often people are forced to retire even when they
want to prolong their employment.

Back in my office, Gabriel tested the phone and noticed that my modem
was also “ancient”. I said I had no urgency to replace it as it would
require setting up an appointment. Yes, it was slow but still working!
He smiled, went back to his car and returned with a new modem to
replace the old one. As he was filling out the necessary forms for the
exchange, I thought of this young man’s initiative versus other repair
technicians who might have gone this one extra step but never did. I
admire people like Gabriel and I am glad I called on a “slow” day!

Have a terrific day of rebirth and a wonderful week, Marietta

Picture of Queens Wreath my own

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