A time for Celebrations!

Dear Friends,

The sounds of traffic outside my parents’ Queens home roused me from
a deep sleep this morning. As I opened my eyes, I caught a glimpse of a
tiny bird jumping about on this Spring morning in New York. On my
walk yesterday, I could see evidence of daffodils and tulips as they push
through the ground and provide an amazing color feast for the eyes. I
know myself to be blessed by being able to appreciate Nature’s gifts here
and in Atenas all year long. Get outside early today to stretch and nurture
the body that takes you from place to place.

I traveled from Costa Rica to New York on a United Airlines flight. After
all the recent public relations incidents that have plagued United, I was
on guard for any situation that might turn negative but I am happy to say
everything on the flight was excellent. The crew was competent and our
pilot, while not chatty, did make the occasional comment regarding the
weather and any upcoming turbulence. The landing was smooth and I
was happy that we were safely on the ground.

It is always an adventure to be at Newark airport after spending many
hours on an airplane. The first impact (for me) comes as soon as I step
off the plane and see the ground crew that awaits customers who need
wheelchairs. There is no smile, eye contact or happy chatter: a reminder
that I am no longer in Atenas! I don’t take it personally, reminding my-
self of the unwritten code of conduct in a massive city where time is
precious and people are used to a certain (fast) pace.

I quickly fall in line and walk as fast as my short legs will allow, moving
out of the way often so as not to disrupt the flow of those who are in a
great hurry to wait a while at the carousel for their luggage! I am finally
reunited with my suitcases and make my way out of the busy airport to
meet our son who has taken the day off from work to pick me up. Once
together, I know I can relax and take my time walking from the terminal
to the car, he doesn’t rush me and helps me with my luggage.

The days since my arrival have gone quickly; they do whether I am here
or in Atenas. I find myself happy to be with our children and proud of
the way they are facing the responsibilities of adulthood. Next Sunday
will find us celebrating a major life event (one of our sons’ wedding) and
two weeks later, our baby (daughter) will be graduating from college! It
is an amazing time for us; an opportunity to rejoice in life, family, the
wonderful friendships we have made and new memories going forward!

Have a great Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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