Looking towards the future!

Dear Friends,

Greetings on this cloudy, chilly May morning in Queens. I stretch and
look around me, aware my coffee is not coming unless I make it! My
feet touch the carpet and I make my way to the kitchen to begin the
process. While I wait for the water to come to a boil, I look out the
window and gaze at the red brick wall of the house next door. I marvel
at the perfectly spaced rows, evidence of the care taken decades ago
to place the bricks snugly and evenly, ensuring permanence and beauty.

I have had an amazing week. Last Sunday we celebrated the love of
two happy people (our son and our now daughter-in-law) as they joined
in marriage in a gathering that united family and friends on both sides.
Their ceremony and subsequent party was unique in many ways and
traditional in others. I feel that I have really gained a daughter, some-
one who loves our son as we do. My heart is filled with happiness.

I left my camera in the care of my cousin during the wedding, but I
don’t need pictures to recall what it was like to see our son walk down
the aisle with his wife for the first time. I don’t need a picture to
guarantee tears will spill from my eyes when I recall the live, beautiful
a cappella singing of a traditional Irish folk song that was offered as a
gift by a treasured bridesmaid. I don’t need a picture to evoke the hope
of everlasting happiness floating all around the newlyweds.

What were the odds of us being gathered here for this celebration? We
moved to Costa Rica in 1999. Our son came back for college in New
Jersey and met his future wife who was a classmate of his brother’s
in New York! I feel blessed by all the paths we and our children have
taken and I am eager to see where they lead to next. Words really fail
me to express how content I am right now.

Get out there early today and enjoy everything life offers, Marietta

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