Mother’s Day in Queens!

Good Morning Friends,

I woke up to a bright and sunny (if chilly!) day here in Queens. The little,
hardy warblers have been flying and singing outside my windows. I stretch
and move my body in silent gratitude for all of my blessings, including the
ability to enjoy this Mother’s Day weekend with my children nearby. We
enjoyed a lovely brunch yesterday because “real life” has put work on the
schedules of both our sons today. Get out early today and enjoy the day.

Relationships, especially between parents and children, have been on my
mind a great deal these last few weeks. Since I am here in New York and
walk quite a bit more than I do in my tiny Atenas, I get to see interactions
between people that are not as visible from the driver’s seat. I observe as
mothers push strollers while chatting on the phone with friends or work;
their young children holding electronic toys that entertain them during
the walk.

I am fascinated by parenting in the digital age, relieved that I don’t have
to worry about it. As an “older” mother, I had the advantage of having had
lots of “me” time before giving birth, a circumstance that allowed me to
engage in fulfilling, creative activity with my kids without worrying about
working a double shift or the possible negative outcomes of childcare. My
heart goes out to parents who are not as fortunate and I applaud evaluating
the effect of technology on everyone in the modern family not just turning
the gadgets into babysitters.

My parents are extraordinary people whose longevity has allowed me to
reflect on their parenting styles and unique personalities. The last few years
have gone by very quickly and our family has undergone many changes as
a result of our children growing up and moving on in their respective lives.
I am constantly being reminded of the effect that the ties to family and
friends have on my overall health and happiness. I rejoice in and honor
our network and the part that technology plays in our communication.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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