The luxury of a day on one’s own!

Dear Friends,

The chill in the air woke me up very early this morning. The first sound
I heard was a small house finch singing his heart out. It’s amazing to me
that my casual approach to birdwatching over the years has refined my
ability to identify several species. I don’t ever feel lonely when there are
birds singing nearby; I experience the world as a friendly place. Get out
early today and try to spot a bird or two during your time outside.

Today is the last Sunday of my current visit to New York. The last five
weeks have been a constant stream of joyous activity. Our son’s wedding,
followed two weeks later by our daughter’s college graduation, with lots
of celebrations in between, have kept me busier than I can remember in
recent times. I had time to visit with friends and to enjoy going to places
that did not exist when we lived here. I look forward to slowing down
this week in Atenas so that I can ruminate on new memories properly.

I have said in the past that graduations are the punctuation marks of
education without qualifying what punctuation mark I meant. While
I was originally thinking about a “period” because that is an end, I see
now that I had not given it enough thought. The appropriate mark is
actually a colon, an indication that there is a host of items to come. We
all continue (or should continue) our education long after the ceremony
has ended.

I have the opportunity and luxury to spend an entire day on my own
today. Everyone has something to do; even Otis the cat, is elsewhere!
When presented with days like this, I often fill them with items on my
extensive “to do” list, in other words “chores”. Today, I will indulge
in one of my absolutely favorite activities: reading thick, glossy
magazines from cover to cover, including the advertising! If I can
just encourage the birds to keep me company with their singing,
my day will be a complete success!

Have a terrific day doing something you enjoy, Marietta

Image public domain

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