Better safe than sorry

Dear Friends,

The morning greets me with the sounds of Nature and a bright sun.
From my seat, I take in the panoramic vista and I find myself filled
with gratitude for the sense of security and peace it brings to me.
Get out early, devoting some time to stretching and rejuvenating the
body that supports you as you mindfully go through your activities.

After 5 weeks of living in an area of endless buildings, roads and
bridges, it is a bit disorienting to come home to Atenas with its lush,
green beauty. My eyes can’t get enough of this paradise and I am
enjoying the simple act of walking and noticing all the changes that
have taken place in the county in the short time I was away. Many
part-time residents have gone back to the places where they will
enjoy summer and re-connect with the loved ones they left behind.

My Sunday mornings are usually more relaxed than the rest of my
busy week. I enjoy the quiet of the outside world and use it to review
the week’s activities to pick something that I can share with you. I
enjoy this exercise because it allows me to re-live an experience in a
different time and place and that reflection is often very therapeutic.

My flight home from New York was filled with adventure! Our pilot
informed us of near-constant turbulence, requesting us to remain in
our seats with our seat belts fastened for most of the flight. When we
were close to Juan Santamaria airport , he was unable to land due to
poor visibility and we were diverted to Managua where we spent an
hour awaiting improvement in the weather and also refueling.

When the pilot emerged from the cockpit in Managua, I was shocked
to see that he was a very young man. I was silently grateful that he
risked our ire rather than our lives when he made the decision to land
or divert until he felt confident he could do so. When we finally got
to Costa Rica, his landing was smoother than many seasoned pilots.
I applaud his wisdom in knowing his limits and keeping us safe.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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