The importance of Family Traditions!

Dear Friends,

I was greeted by a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning. The welcome
sound of cheerful birds’ singing reached my ears before my bare feet
made contact with the floor. As I breathe deeply I am filled with thanks
for the blessings bestowed on me this day. Get out early, stretch and
walk in gratitude, a friend or other wonder might be around the corner.

My husband is devoted to our local farmers market. Sometimes I go
with him early Friday mornings. It is very gratifying to chat with and
support the farmers who cultivate the products that will enhance our
meals during the week. We enjoy the bond of community; the booths
displaying fresh, local, colorful food and the anticipation of trying new
recipes featuring the produce we have purchased.

My weekday breakfast routine has always been quick and uninspired.
Sunday morning breakfasts, though, are special for me because of my
husband. I never know exactly what is percolating in the kitchen along
with the coffee (from Atenas, of course) but I am always surprised and
grateful for the creations placed in front of me each week, undertakings
I do not take the time to make for myself! Sunday breakfast is a tasty
and enjoyable feast.

The older I get, the more I notice my personal fondness for some family
traditions, those precious characteristics that make a family’s subculture
unique. Some deserve to be left in the attic, but others that connect us in
deep meaningful ways are worthy of passing on. Many years ago, my
parents established a tradition of visiting Atenas every week and having
lunch at Don Yayo’s. Yesterday my father and my brother met us there.
It was wonderful to revisit this ritual after a long absence. I can say that
the staff enjoyed the reunion as much as we did. It was sensational!

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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