Dear Friends,

I am greeted by a somber Sunday morning. A surprising chill is in the air,
even in our usually hot Atenas. My flip flops were not in their usual place
and I searched for them in my bare feet. The sensation of the cool floor on
my skin served to fully awaken me and I feel grateful for another new day.
Get out early to take advantage of our Sunday habit of gentle movement.

Central America experienced a huge power outage yesterday and it made
life a bit chaotic for most of us in Costa Rica for a few hours. It happened
shortly before I was scheduled to attend the semi-annual assembly at the
Hogar de Ancianos. All the things that are powered by electricity and taken
for granted at home (opening gates, circulating fans, overhead lights, etc.)
were not working and we had to do things manually, like we used to in
the past.

Our interconnectedness with the rest of the region was made apparent in
a way that we never think about when things are working, which is most
of the time. Yesterday was a reminder of our vulnerability. As I arrived
to the meeting, I could hear the loud sound from the backup system at the
Hogar. The system was completed several years ago and it is a vital part
of our thorough contingency plan for our frail residents in these cases. It
has been a very sound investment.

Yesterday’s meeting was held in one of the conference rooms, rather than
in the open area where it had been held in the past. The landscape view
was replaced by the intimate atmosphere which attendees mentioned they
enjoyed a great deal. The room’s recently painted pastel walls with sheer
curtains created a feeling of balance and harmony. I was profoundly
touched by the support and comments expressed by the membership
about the improvements to the facility in the last few years. It brings
me a lot of personal satisfaction to know that our commitment has shown
results and is appreciated.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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