Moravia and Atenas

Dear Friends,

I hope the sun is shining wherever you find yourself and that
you are surrounded with all the people and things that bring you
joy. Take my weekly advice to get outside early today to move
around gently and with gratitude for everything in your life. It is
good to feel alive by participating in events that add color to our
days and make fond memories.

Some months ago I read an article in a local newspaper or website
that had a picture of the Atenas and Moravia municipalities that
evidenced the fact that the (original) buildings were identical. It
was a very interesting detail to me because I have spent time in both
buildings (my mother was born in Moravia) and had never noticed
any similarities. After reading the article I became enthusiastic
about learning more and comparing them, but life got in the way
and I promptly forgot all about it.

Municipality of Moravia

Municipality of Atenas

A couple of weeks ago, I had to visit the Moravia Municipality to
pick up a document. Making the trip there from Atenas required a
lot of fortitude on my part because it meant leaving the rolling hills
and tranquility of this rural paradise I am blessed to wake up to each
morning. I anticipated facing lots of traffic, imprudent pedestrians
and the ever-present road construction or repairs. I was not wrong!
I finally arrived at my destination and was surprised to find a quiet
street where I could park my car. That was an unexpected bonus.

Once I arrived at the Municipality, I was struck by the presence of
uniformed guards who directed the public to the proper window for
their errand. While I waited, I did notice the structural similarities in
the two buildings. I was impressed by the respect shown especially
to senior citizens whose reason for the outing might have been to
simply talk to someone during their long, perhaps boring, day.

When I left Moravia, I was aware that the densely populated “suburbs”
were surrounded by a spectacular mountain landscape. Although it is
three times the size of Atenas, and boasts about twice the population,
Moravia’s beauty evoked an emotional response not unlike the one I
feel when I catch a glimpse of our town’s palm trees welcoming me in
the distance. I identify with my mother’s attachment to her birthplace!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

Images Facebook Pages Municipalidad de Moravia and Municipalidad de Atenas

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