Atenas, rural and unhurried!

Dear Friends,

As I greet this overcast morning I am filled with joy and gratitude.
Last night’s haunting sky is unforgettable and was beautiful in its own
way, but I appreciate being able to see the lush, green landscape the
rains provide as a feast for my eyes during this season. I encourage us
to get out early today to move in gentle harmony before those rains
interrupt our plans!

At this time last year we were caring for one of our dogs (Canela)
who was hit by a car on our property. I shared that story with you.
I was overwhelmed by the compassion expressed by the many who
wrote me afterwards. Sadly, we did lose Canela at the end of April.
Our household went from four dogs to one in nine months but we are
blessed with memories and (not enough) pictures! Your feedback was
a testament to the bond we have through my weekly reflections and I
look forward to many more years of shared musings.

Living in a small town like Atenas can sometimes be a challenge. This
is especially true when lots of errands need to be done quickly and
people you haven’t seen in a while stop you and want to have a little
chat! Last week was particularly busy for me. I had to visit the bank
and the post office. If you live here, you know that can mean waiting
for a while, even during July school vacation.

I haven’t gone to the bank in person in a long time, so I was surprised
that there was no armed guard outside and that I was able to push open
the door without waiting for him to unlock it. I then remembered that
recent gun legislation prohibits armed guards, etc. This was a welcome
change. My errand was concluded quickly and I crossed the street to
Post Office to check for mail.

The post office was empty so I had a chance to chat with Mario, the
service clerk. After a few minutes, Mario confided that he would be
retiring at the end of the month. The news took me by surprise; I have
become attached to the employees I see regularly at this branch. I am
glad for him though as he will be enjoying his retirement doing some
traveling. It was heartwarming to hear that working in the Atenas Post
Office provided him with the blend of the rural and unhurried lifestyle
I enjoy and am grateful for each day.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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