Life’s Purpose

Dear Friends,

I love waking up in the morning where the sun paints the sky most days.
In the distance I can distinguish the croaking sound of a toucan rising
above the early chatter of the golden bellied flycatchers (Myiodynastes
hemichrysus) . As I stroll onto the terrace, I can feel the warm breeze
on my face and I am grateful to greet another day in good health. Get out
early today and enjoy all the gifts Nature is offering you.

Today is Sunday, the day I use to plan the activities and details of the
coming week. The last few months have gone quickly, as I am sure they
have for all of you. I continue to extricate myself from as many projects
as I can that eat into the time I want to devote to pursuits that are more
closely aligned with my personal goals. Although I do feel a bit uneasy
about not “rescuing” everyone, I find that I am able to recover from the
feeling faster the more I practice!

I devote a small part of each morning to deeply thinking about my vision
and purpose in life. I had a more concrete idea of this when our children
were young because the most important thing to me then was to provide
coherent parenting they could count on. I discovered a mix of approaches
that could be tailored to our particular situation. They are grown up now
and when I revisit my vision and purpose, I sometimes long for the days
when the answers seemed clearer.

My association with the Hogar de Ancianos provides me with frequent
reminders that life ends. There have been weeks when several residents
transition within days of each other, almost as if planned. In those mo-
ments, I know that one unwavering purpose of my life is to be involved
with people who cultivate the kind of environment that gives me strength
to navigate obstacles. This provides me with a deep sense of inner peace,
the key to lifelong contentment.

Have a wonderful day and an outstanding week, Marietta

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