Double Rainbow!

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you from the comfort of my living room while gazing at
the lovely green horizon that is visible through the screened door after
two ailing trees have been removed from our property. I feel happy to
wake up to another day. I encourage us all to get out early to enjoy some
movement and relaxation. It is a great time to celebrate life!

I love trees. I have many memories of living in Brooklyn and visiting
Prospect Park during my childhood. I felt comfort in the living pastoral
landscape, the subject of the paintings and literature that I enjoyed most.
Removing those two diseased trees from our property was not an easy
decision. We tried pruning them over the years but the lack of trained,
professional arborists who could honestly evaluate their ailment and
help us cure them made my daily walks on the property disheartening.

My husband and I went to the Farmers Market in Atenas on Friday
morning. It was very early but many people were already busy shopping.
We stopped at our regular stands and purchased the fruits and vegetables
to be consumed during the week. We returned home and after putting
away our groceries, I looked out the kitchen window and noticed the
absence of the trees. I felt unburdened in an odd way, a bit guilty too.

Late Friday afternoon, after a short but heavy rain that was followed by
a brilliant sun, we were gifted a double rainbow. I know that scientifi-
cally a rainbow’s essence is just an amalgamation of light; an optical
illusion caused by water droplets when viewed from a certain angle,
impossible to touch. For the sentimentalist in me, however, a rainbow
is a sign of many things, among them hope and promise.

In the particular moment of taking it all in and running for my camera,
it dawned on me that there are other options besides planting more trees
to fill in the gap. Perhaps the area needs to be left alone for a while to
recover and to allow us to intuit what might belong there. No picture
can duplicate Nature’s paintbrush but I did get this lovely partial shot.

Have a wonderful day and a week of possibilities, Marietta

image my own

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