Ciudad Colon’s Organic Farmers Market

Dear Friends,

The songs of the birds and the refreshing, pure cool air greets me on this
gorgeous Sunday. It’s as if I had placed an order for a perfect day to spend
outdoors, breathing deeply and moving my body in gratitude. I encourage
you to do the same. Let nothing disturb you as you concentrate on soaking
up the sounds and sights of Nature around you, even for just a few minutes.

As I write this message, I am listening to Andres Segovia’s compilation of
J.S. Bach Recordings. The magic of the internet makes these gems available
for our listening pleasure. I can’t remember the sequence of ‘searches’ that
led me to these recordings; I was not as sure as I am other Sundays what
kind of music I wanted today. I now feel energized and motivated by his
interpretation of the difficult pieces that he began to play a hundred years

I have been sharing parts of my life with you all for many years. Knowing
that I will be recounting some aspect of my daily existence urges me to
pay attention to events as they unfold before me. When I focus on people
doing good deeds, I become aware of how many of them lead by example;
quietly devoting time to essential, mundane tasks every single day, with-
out pay or recognition. Today is a good day to recognize these people, I
am sure that like me, you all know someone who qualifies.

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to visit the Feria Verde (an organic
Farmers Market) in Ciudad Colón. I was eager to see this market since
I have heard a lot about it in recent years. I was not disappointed. It was
a magical, festive experience that allowed me to meet and ask questions
of the people who grow or make the products they sell. I could see that
the challenges of entrepreneurship are welcomed by these vendors who
see them as part of the path they have chosen. I returned home with new
appreciation for people who view hard work as a gift worth embracing.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

Picture of Feria Verde from their FB page

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