An opportunity for personal growth!

Dear Friends,

I am comforted by my daily rituals: eating my morning fruit, appreciating
the sun shining through the window, listening to the song of birds filling
the air and saying a verse of gratitude as I begin my day. This week has
been a little different since part of it has found me in New York where
the ambience is somewhat somber and colored by this week’s world
events. My Sunday ritual, though, calls for us to motivate and go out
and I encourage you to do so wherever the day finds you, as I will.

My flight on Wednesday was very delayed. A change in wind direction
just as the pilot was about to begin takeoff made it necessary to change
the flight pattern for which the airplane was carrying too much weight.
Initially, the pilot asked for “volunteers”, then offered $500 for a few
others to exit the plane and finally had standby passengers politely
escorted off. 75 pieces of luggage were then removed from the plane
before the pilot was satisfied that the new weight was within legal limits
for flight.

Thankfully I arrived safely, but my suitcase was one of the 75 removed!
I had to wait another day for it to make its way to me. Everything
worked out eventually. Nothing was missing from my suitcase although
it was evident that airport officials did look through it. Years of travel
have taught me not to pack banned items and I was delighted to find
my coffee (from Atenas, of course!) undisturbed.

The long delay on the airplane gave me an opportunity to observe fellow
passengers and the airline crew as well as monitor my own reactions as
the length of our delay increased to more than 3 hours. I am not a nervous
flyer and had no connecting flights to be anxious about missing. It was
easier for me than for other passengers to sit calmly and accept that get-
ting upset over a situation truly beyond anyone’s control was futile. The
pilot, crew and passengers were mostly gracious despite the tribulation.

This evening my daughter and I will fly to Barcelona where we will spend
a couple of nights before we board a ship for a long-awaited cruise. I am
certain we will be safe but since I am not sure how much internet I will
have on the ship, I may not be able to write you again next Sunday. Let’s
try to live each minute with gratitude, to see challenges as opportunities
for personal growth and to let our loved ones know what they mean to us.

Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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