Posted by: marisundays | September 3, 2017

A Cruise Vacation

Dear Friends,

The morning is wet and cloudy here in New York where the Labor Day weekend
is in full swing. I can’t see any or hear any of the small birds outside; they are no
doubt taking shelter from the rain under the leaves of some tree. I won’t let the
rain deter me though and will step outdoors later in joyful gratitude that I have so
much to be thankful for. I invite you all to do likewise before the day gets away.

It is just after 6 a.m. and I am writing my Sunday chronicle while listening to
soft acoustic gems on Spotify. My daughter and I returned from our marvelous
cruise on Thursday and we are both striving to get over the jet lag and resume
our normal routine. I was able to celebrate Labor Day with all of my children
yesterday. It was a wonderful, laughter-filled experience that reminded me of
how blessed we are to still have these opportunities to connect.

I have many impressions to share of our cruise adventure that began and ended
in Barcelona. Our time went quickly and was exhausting because we partook
of many sightseeing tours and almost everything that the cruise ship offered
to the passengers. Our cabin had an ocean view and I confess that after many
hours at sea, it was always delightful to see the Mediterranean buildings
stuccoed in the summer colors of melon pinks, yellows and pale greens awaiting
to be explored.

One day, we spent a morning walking the narrow alleys and cobblestone streets
of Nice. Later, we rested at a comfortable bench under the shade of large palm
trees at the beautiful park called Square Verdun just off Boulevard de la
Croisette. The park was full of colorful flowers and rosebushes and had a unique
sprinkler that sprayed a fine, cool refreshing mist. We enjoyed relaxing for a few
minutes away from the crowds as we waited for our bus to take us back to the

For an avid people watcher and extrovert (like me), taking this cruise offered a
chance to visit different ports and be exposed to many cultures in one trip. While
I did very little writing on the cruise, I took lots of notes on both the amusing
and the disturbing behaviors I observed in myself and fellow passengers during
the week. I am grateful that I have somewhat successfully developed the habits
of patience and tolerance and that they mostly came along on the ship with me!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

Picture of Verdun Park my own



  1. What a marvelous time for you! Well-deserved, I must say. You give so much of yourself to everybody all the time and yes, it is its own reward, but this trip was special for you and your family. I am thrilled for you!!

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