Maintaining Mental Agility



Dear Friends,

As I step out on the terrace, I can feel the sun’s heat on my shoulders. I hear
the song of a bird I can’t quite identify but the bouncy joy is contagious and
beguiles me to join in the celebration of being alive another day. Get out as
soon as you can today and lose yourself in the balm that is Nature right now.
The green landscape will be ours in Atenas for a few more weeks and I am
grateful and happy to live here.

The week that just ended offered many opportunities for celebration in Costa
Rica. It was wonderful to see the yearly display of patriotism engaging young
and old alike as we continue to honor the traditions that make our tiny country
a source of admiration. Most schools and communities held their yearly parades.
It has been rewarding to witness the participation from the foreign residents who
have chosen to live in this small town and who are embraced by the locals who
reciprocate the generosity and warmth received in whatever way they can.

The last six months have kept me busy with important milestones that included
travel and celebrations. I have relished being with family and friends. I am now
equally content to spend the rest of this year at home, taking care of the many
large and small details that have been neglected for a while and which bring me
much fulfillment. I look forward to catching up with local news and to taking
walks in the neighborhood to see what’s new in town.

As I get older, I try to make it my goal to make the most of each day in the trip
that is life. I strive to learn something new every day (we all should), whether it
be creative, practical or intellectual so that I can retain as much of my mental
agility as I can to allow me to navigate aging with ease and independence. I
have curtailed my participation in some community activities, but I have not
retired to the rocking chair permanently and have no plans to do so quite yet!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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