Working towards a common goal

Dear Friends,

The day I greet is warm and the sun is not as bright as other days have been.
In the distance I can hear the usual sounds of a Sunday morning: various birds
singing, a neighbor’s dog barking and the choir intoning its Sunday hymns. I
observe the tall bamboo and teak trees swaying in the breeze. As I breathe in
deep gratitude, I am inspired by their flexibility, encouraged to stretch and move
my body. Get out early today, if it is safe, to partake of Nature’s goodness.

On Friday morning, I was alarmed when I saw three aerial wasp nests firmly
attached to eaves in a heavily-transited (by me!) area of our home. Two of the
nests were of recent construction but the third one was quite large and its hori-
zontal orientation was so unique, it took me a while to realize that it was not
part of the structure it was attached to. Although I usually ignore these nests
when they are on trees far from the house, these three were too close for comfort.

I enlisted the help of our intrepid gardener; relieved that he was able to knock
them down without the use of fire or chemicals. I was also grateful that he
received no stings for his efforts. Once the nests were safely removed, I
returned to my office,walking an alternate path to avoid any synoeca
septentrionalis (warrior/paper wasps) that might be loitering nearby. A few
hours later, I was surprised to find a dozen or so of them rebuilding in the
same location; it must be providing shelter and food.

Researching these insects has been a fascinating endeavor. While I am
pondering ways to eliminate their nests and discourage future rebuilding, I
am also engrossed in watching their teams working together to attain their
common goal. Current world realities (earthquakes, devastating hurricanes,
fires, and politicians) are challenging the optimism in us. This is an opportunity,
though, to tackle problems with renewed energy; in teams, perhaps adjusting to
a new reality for a while, but never, ever giving up.

Have a safe day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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