Senior Citizen Month 2017

Dear Friends,

Last night’s rain lulled me to an excellent sleep. Protected indoors, everything
felt peaceful and comforting. I woke up joyfully to the familiar sounds of nature
and the gorgeous, lush landscape that embraces my home. I am aware that we
are in times of upheaval worldwide and as I breathe and stretch in gratitude, I
consider the ways in which I might contribute to reduce someone’s burden.
Take a few minutes today to get out and appreciate all the goodness in your life.

Today marks the beginning of Senior Citizens month. Our local government
and many of our organized groups are planning activities all month long to
honor and entertain our residents so that they know their importance in our
community. The United Nations has proposed the theme for this year as
“Stepping into the Future: Tapping the Talents, Contributions and Participa-
tion of Older Persons in Society.”

The UN is focusing on ways to support the older persons’ basic rights, needs
and preferences in an effort to achieve the implementation of the 2030
Agenda and the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing which is
being reviewed and appraised. I am now a “senior citizen” and my curiosity
about ageing is as all-absorbing as it was for childhood when my children
were small! As I often say, every age has its charms, benefits and challenges.

Living with a sense of shared community has always been a huge contributor
to my well-being, physically and psychologically. Being socially committed
and spending my time productively are vital components in my daily agenda.
I remain optimistic about living independently for a long time to come. I do
take steps to stay connected to family, friends and my local community. These
days, though, I guard my time more jealously because I have reached the age
when I can make that choice with complete freedom. It’s a great feeling!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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