Viva Bingo!

Dear Friends,

The morning sun is a welcome treat on this day in the middle of October.
The rainy season is winding down and I look forward to seeing the sugar
cane flowers in the horizon next month. The gentle breezes have begun to
make some leaves fall on the ground and the scent of seasonal blossoms
fill the air as I stretch my body in gratitude. Don’t forget to get out today
to enjoy the gifts of Nature all around you if you are able to.

The annual fundraising events are going on at the San Rafael parish in the
center of our county. Today’s big event is Bingo beginning at around noon.
I love to play Bingo, I even own a magnetic wand with chips that I bring to
events when I know I will actually stay for the many hours devoted to it. In
recent years, I have had to leave my paraphernalia at home because I have
committed to help with events, making it impossible to manage playing!

In many people’s minds, the stereotypical bingo player is an elderly woman
with nothing “better” to do but gamble away her limited income. Nothing
could be further from the truth, specially in small towns like Atenas that
have as diverse player profiles as there are residents. Whether I’m playing
or helping, it is entertaining to be part of the harmless fun that the informal
(almost carnival-like) atmosphere encourages.

I have seen the young and old, the moms and dads, the shy and outgoing;
even the occasional solo strong (“macho”) male who sits off in a corner
hoping not to be targeted good-naturedly by the goofy and proficient Bingo
caller who might remind him not to take himself so seriously! Bingo to me
is an opportunity to watch people play and reap the healthy benefits that
the social interaction and sense of community brings them time after time.
Viva Bingo and all its participants!

Have an amazing day and a terrific week, Marietta

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