Silence, massage, music and health!

Dear Friends,

My day began very early with our dog’s cool, wet nose nuzzling my elbow.
I was still half asleep and jerked away but she insisted with determination
until I responded by getting up. I was instantly grateful, the yellow sun was
just making an appearance and the happy purring of a lone toucan could be
heard in the distance. I am usually not awake this early but I welcomed a
chance to greet another delightful morning in Paradise. Get out early today
to enjoy Nature’s bounty.

Every other Saturday, I have the immense privilege to enjoy a wonderful
massage prior to my guitar lesson. Since my weeks are usually busy, and
sometimes a little complicated, I look forward to surrendering to the magic
and relaxation that my skilled masseuse is committed to delivering. Because
I am aware that this work is very physically demanding for her, I value the
benefit provided as an important and regular part of my basic health plan.

After massage, I drive for about 15 minutes to my guitar lesson. The trip
has me moving along narrow, windy roads with amazing views that make
me feel a deep inner peace. The last few weeks have also made visible the
areas where the unusually heavy September rains struck, a reminder of how
fragile we are against Nature’s fury. We are still in the rainy season despite
recent sunny and dry days.

I usually drive with the radio off so I can hear the sounds around me: kids
playing, grass being mowed, the water flowing under the narrow bridges.
My meditative state is sometimes interrupted by reckless, noisy motorcycles
racing past me, momentarily disrupting my daydream. Usually the scenery
coaxes me back quickly into the flow and I arrive at my lesson ready for a
pleasant hour of the uplifting conversation and music that ends my week.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific, safe week, Marietta

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