Ethics and Values

Dear Friends,

We are at the end of what has been a rainier-than-typical October. The grass
on our property felt like a sponge as I walked it last night on the final round
with our dog before bedtime. I feel blessed this morning as I listen to the
sounds of a regular Sunday morning. I breathe in the fresh air and slowly
stretch in gratitude for all that surrounds me. Get out early today to enjoy a
nice walk around your neighborhood.

I’ve been making a concerted effort to pay more attention to events that
are going on around me. For a long time, I was practicing detachment with
the intent of only concentrating on the areas in which I actually have some
“control”. Lately I have reminded myself that I have the power to choose
my reactions to events unfolding and that it is actually a rewarding exercise
to become more aware but also more responsible about my reactions.

The last few weeks have been full of political intrigue in Costa Rica as a
result of hearings involving many prominent figures and their participation
in the latest corruption scandal which has been named “The Cementazo”.
An anonymous letter sent to the OIJ (our FBI) is credited for uncovering
the dishonesty taking place in all branches of our government and right
before our very eyes.

The hearings have gripped me. I listen and watch members of all political
parties answer (or not!) the questions asked of them by a committee of
members of congress, some who have been involved in their own scandals
in the past. I am astonished by the expertise with which some of the players
distort reality in an effort to distract us. I understand why citizens throw in
the towel and refuse to participate in the electoral process, that is exactly the
reaction hoped for.

Yesterday a local writer (who works in the Justice Department) shared that an
essay he wrote about valor was included in a recently-published book on
Ethics and Values. He referred to the unethical behaviors on display right now
but assures us that for every one of those, there are ten ethical behaviors that
go unrecognized. I choose to believe him and will continue to be proactive in
focusing my time and energy on the areas in which I can make a difference.

Have a terrific day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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