Dusting off our moral fiber

Dear Friends,

I woke up refreshed this morning and delighted to see the flowers of the
sugar cane in the fields across from us. It rained late last night after a few
days of no rain. The transition to the dry season has begun with the winds
blowing and the ground becoming a rug with a thick layer of leaves that
our gardener rakes constantly. I breathe in gratitude for all that I see before
me. Get out early today to enjoy a relaxing Sunday.

Last week I mentioned that I was newly engaged in reading headlines. This
is prompted in part by the fact that we are heading towards elections in Costa
Rica in February 2018. The current political undercurrent worldwide is of
much concern to me. I urge people to vote so I feel it is my duty to educate
myself by critically assessing the policies and track records of those who
want to run our country; no easy task with over 10 candidates!

I have opted out of many newsletters that crowded my in-box and devoted too
much space to marketing. As a consequence, the emails I do receive are few
and focus on the areas I am interested in. There is one in particular that makes
me feel like the journalist who writes it can read my mind! I am in awe of his
uncluttered style and I appreciate the fact that he sends it early in the morning
so I can get on with my day and cogitate on the current important issues.

Friday morning I learned from him that our OIJ had a busy dawn in Atenas
(and in San José) which ended with the arrest of prominent figures connected
to the “cement scandal”. I recognized the streets of Atenas and felt like the
wind had been knocked out of me. I was disoriented for much of the morning.
As I was driving home from San José where I had spent a few nights, I felt an
odd mixture of relief and sadness as I passed the very streets that had been
part of police activity earlier.

As I write this morning, I feel optimistic because there are officers in our country
who are brave and honest. We might actually cut through the web of lies and
corruption that is strangling us and this will allow us to address some of the
issues that have been ignored for too long. I believe we can all collaborate to
bring to the table the moral fiber that we need and have forgotten exists in most
of us.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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