Better days await us!

Dear Friends,

It’s a beautiful morning. I can feel the warm sun on my shoulders. Its cheerful
summons reminds me to bask in another day of life and possibilities. I stretch
and feel my mood elevate as the my circulation activates and mental stress rolls
away. Get out early today and enjoy all that life has to offer wherever you are.

November has long been the month of reflection and gratitude for me. I become
nostalgic for the fall colors of my childhood in New York, even though living in
a tropical climate is imperative for my well-being and overall satisfaction with
life. I am delighted to witness that my community is planning activities for the
upcoming holiday season and I daydream about seasonal meals and presents!

Despite all the trials and tribulations our world has been through this year, we
enthusiastically expect better days ahead. This is a testament to human nature’s
capacity to wait with optimism for good things to come out of even the most
negative of situations. I am now in the time of my life where I am aware that
my glass is emptier and that the energy to get up and refill it is less than it once
was. It has become more important to associate with cheerful people.

I was in our local supermarket yesterday afternoon. It is often very crowded
on Saturdays because of the discounts and food brands that offer tastings. To
my surprise, it was uncrowded and I was able to chat with the cashier who I’ve
known for more than 10 years! Our conversation’s focus was on the stages of
life and on how satisfying it is to enjoy each stage as it is happening. I left the
store feeling exhilarated after talking with such a positive, energetic person
and I hope the same was true for her.

Have a great day with lovely people and a terrific week, Marietta

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