Gratitude in Large Quantities

Dear Friends,

A gorgeous morning greets me! This Sunday’s air is cool, refreshing, and
invigorating. As the seasons change, excitement builds for me whether I am
in sunny Costa Rica anticipating “summer” or experiencing the magnificent
fall foliage that my friends and family share through their pictures on social
media. Get out early today, stretching and appreciating the body that supports
you in all your activities.

Several years ago, right around this time, I was visiting my friends in the San
Isidro de Atenas area who specialize in cultivating orchids (AMASIA). I came
home with a little planting of an orchid that promptly died because I was not
attentive to the instructions given to me for giving it a good chance to thrive.
A few weeks later, despite my strong objections, a friend gave me an orchid
that she could not take with her when she moved overseas.

The orchid was in bloom when I received it. I tied it to a tree that is an ideal
distance from our home and I occasionally visit to make sure it is still living!
I was thrilled this morning to see that it is healthy and that its roots have clung
deeply to the tree. I am certain it will bloom again shortly. My AMASIA
friends lost most of their nursery during hurricane Nate but they are working
hard to rebuild. I admire their resilience and know they will succeed.

I will celebrate Thanksgiving Day on Thursday. It continues to be my most
favorite day of the year. I love the idea of one whole day focusing on being
grateful. I will be accompanied by family and friends in at atmosphere that
will highlight Nature’s bounty and fill the house with the aromas that evoke
memories of my childhood. My parents were doing all the cooking then and
without knowing it, they were bequeathing me the most important ingredient
in the recipe of my life: gratitude in large amounts for everything I have.

May you have a wonderful day and an excellent week, Marietta

images my own

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