Welcoming 2018!

Dear Friends, On this beautiful, still, sunny Sunday morning, I invite you to welcome a day that will hopefully unfold in a relaxing and meaningful way. Get outside early in an attitude of gratitude, combining gentle movement with an awareness of all the goodness that surrounds you. Being truly present for just a few minutes … Continue reading Welcoming 2018!

A Christmas Eve Greeting!

Dear Friends, As I feel the breeze caress my cheeks on this glorious Sunday morning, I am filled with gratitude for each one of you. Knowing that you are receiving my emails each week encourages me to look for positive events during the week so I can keep my promise to bring you good tidings … Continue reading A Christmas Eve Greeting!

A bond of peace, hope and community

Dear Friends, Greetings on a wonderfully quiet and cool Sunday morning. As I finish my morning coffee, I have been watching part of the video from yesterday's Festival of Lights in Atenas, compliments of Radio Atenas, our local station. I am filled with gratitude for all the wonderful things I am able to enjoy, not … Continue reading A bond of peace, hope and community