With A View Towards 2018

Dear Friends,

A beautiful, sunny and breezy morning woke me up today. It came with
the sounds of the different bird species that season after season make
ornithology so interesting to me. I suggest all of us get out early today
to enjoy rest and relaxation before the frenetic pace of the holidays takes
over our days and makes us forget what the real spirit of the season is.

It has been an uplifting and exciting week in our household – quite a bit
different from the same time last year when we experienced so many
losses in a short time. We went to pick up our daughter at the airport on
Tuesday and it became very evident that high tourist season has arrived.
Her flight was delayed, affording me some retro and forward-thinking
time. I was also able to indulge my enthusiasm for people watching.

The outside arrivals area at the airport is always chaotic but especially
so when flights have been delayed and it is high season. There are dozens
of people holding signs or just loudly anticipating the emergence of their
relatives or friends. This is one of my favorite parts of waiting, actually.
I enjoy (discreetly) watching people’s first reactions when they spot loved
ones. I remember the excitement that waiting for their Dad to exit sparked
in our children as they proudly held up a sign with his name on it!

The year is almost over. As it concludes, I have begun to make a short list
of realistic personal goals for 2018. You’re all aware that I feel we should
enjoy every day and every stage of our lives. My daughter’s company in the
last few days has made me even more aware of the importance of simply
living and enjoying the present moment without focusing on mistakes of
the past or anxieties about the future. The present moment is all we have.

My best wishes for a terrific day and week, Marietta

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