The power of first impressions

Dear Friends,

At this moment, I am aware of the effect cold front is already having in
our area. During the night there was an increase in the windy pattern which
was evident from all the debris that accumulated on our front porch. Since I
am going out early this morning, I have already taken a quick walk, feeling
the wind in my face and the sun on my skin. I stretched and soaked in
Nature’s goodness. I encourage you do the same before it gets too windy.

I went to the Atenas Farmers Market very early on Friday. Well, I thought it
was very early but many people had made an even earlier start! My shopping
list was modest and my intention was to dash in and get back home quickly to
tackle the other items on my agenda for the day. I first visited our regular
produce vendor whose welcoming smile immediately put one on my face. I
realized then that dashing in and out is more of a challenge to me once I am
actually in an environment that is vibrant and conducive to conversation!

As I made my way back to my car, a vendor I had never noticed before invited
me to sample a product he was introducing. By that point, I was in a hurry and
politely declined. He graciously replied, “Another time then, Marietta” which
had the effect of stopping me in my tracks because I did not recognize him as
anyone I knew. Naturally my inquiring mind had to know where he knew me
from, so I stopped to chat and sample his tasty chimichurri-like sauce.

He recounted an informal meeting we had years ago when he had recently
retired from his company and was looking to develop a project in Atenas. As
he was talking, I was able to recall all the details, including my enthusiastic
response to his idea which actually did become a reality. I never saw him again
until Friday when he was happily introducing his new venture.

As a business-oriented person, I am happy to see that as his other enterprise
goes into decline, he has initiated a new one with equal enthusiasm. As a self-
appointed community builder, I am extremely gratified that he remembered me
in a positive light. It reminded me about the power of first impressions. I left
the farmers market feeling very content, even though it was much later than I
had planned!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

2 thoughts on “The power of first impressions

  1. Yes, Marietta, you have a bigger impact than you realize. I moved to Atenas feeling Like we were already friends just from reading “Atenas Today,” which was recommended to me by somebody else who had never met you. The first time I saw you I was at Mariana’s Beauty Shop in Atenas. When you walked in I was “star-struck” and my mind shouted, “THAT’S MARIETTA ARCE!” I didn’t say a word and then met you in a different situation where you were as warm as can be. Glad I did! Yes, you are a loving force in the universe not to be forgotten. Thank you!

    1. My goodness BG2, your words touch me deeply. I am sorry you didn’t introduce yourself sooner, we could have had that much more time! Glad I know you and thank you, I think you also are a loving force in this universe! Hugs.

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