A Christmas Eve Greeting!

Dear Friends,

As I feel the breeze caress my cheeks on this glorious Sunday morning, I am
filled with gratitude for each one of you. Knowing that you are receiving my
emails each week encourages me to look for positive events during the week
so I can keep my promise to bring you good tidings on Sundays. Get out
early today to enjoy the crisp air that infuses our neighborhood with energy!

The past several weeks have been full of wonderful happenings in our small
town. We have witnessed the generosity and hard work that made it possible
to provide gifts and a party for over 350 “angels” who would otherwise not
be able to celebrate the season. The Municipality put on a marvelous parade
that was well-attended and brought lovely floats and many surprises. There
have been concerts and a Christmas fair in the park that made shopping easy.

There is optimism in the air, an intangible yet present feeling of promise, as
we await the 2018 that is just around the corner. Although most of us are busy
with seasonal activities that center around decorations, traditional meals, travel
and reunions with family and friends, it’s important to make time to reflect on
the real spirit of the holidays. I am enjoying being part of the community that
gathers together once a year to acknowledge our importance to each other all
year long.

Last week I noticed many new visitors making their way around our small
town. Yesterday La Coope (celebrating its 6th year in the “new” location) was
full to overflowing with regular shoppers and visiting tourists who were also
enjoying their afternoon coffee in the outdoor cafeteria. As I passed by, I was
greeted by many people I have met over the 15 years of living here. I am
proud to be a part of this town; a town that has kept its tradition of hospitality
and solidarity despite the constant changes and challenges it faces.

Whatever tradition you observe, my best wishes for a joyful celebration and
a wonderful, peaceful week.


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