Welcoming 2018!

Dear Friends,

On this beautiful, still, sunny Sunday morning, I invite you to welcome a day
that will hopefully unfold in a relaxing and meaningful way. Get outside early
in an attitude of gratitude, combining gentle movement with an awareness of
all the goodness that surrounds you. Being truly present for just a few minutes
every morning, can make a notable impact on how each day plays out.

This is the last Sunday of 2017. As I move into the energy of 2018, I am
filled with appreciation for all of you who have been spending a year of
Sundays with me in the past. I like to go back and re-read your feedback.
It is especially encouraging when you take time from your own busy days
to share the comings and goings of your life and articulate your intentions
for the year ahead.

The last couple of weeks have found me busy and happy with visits from
family and friends. Instead of exhausting me, these visits replenish my spirit
and fuel my need to bond and connect with people who motivate me to grow
into the best version of myself. I am enthusiastic to plan the months ahead,
even though I accept that a certain amount of flexibility is always required.

Life is full of mysteries. 2017 held many positive experiences for me and I
am at peace with the personal goals that I have been able to meet or surpass.
I have written down (in pencil!) the three priorities for 2018 which I feel are
within my reach. It is a big difference from other years where I have dozens
of “priorities” and lose focus early on. Let’s welcome the New Year with the
expectation that we will attain the things we work for and deserve.

Have a wonderful celebration tonight and a great week, Marietta

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