Honoring my Mom

Dear Friends,

It is a cold and grey morning here in San José where I have spent the week.
While the whole country is experiencing this cold front, it seems to me that
San José has been hit much harder than other places. I won’t suggest you get
out today and move around unless you need to, but it is always a good idea
to take a deep breath and feel gratitude for everything in your life.

On January 1, 2018 I said goodbye to my mother’s physical form. Although
my heart is broken, I rejoice knowing that she has been released from pain
and suffering and is in a better place while watching over us. I would like to
honor my mother by sharing with you my tribute to her at her funeral last

“What can be said about my mother would fill at least one book that I hope
to write someday. To summarize in the simplest manner, we can say that she
was a woman who would not be satisfied with passing through this world
unnoticed. She left a mark on every project and on every person she knew.
The oldest of ten siblings, she proved that dreaming, having goals and
achieving them was not impossible. She left us a legacy worth following.

On behalf of my father, my sisters, my brother and myself, our appreciation
for the support her faithful caregivers: Ana Brenes, Luz Mora and Gaby
Campos have provided. To our father, our admiration for showing us what
true love is with his devotion to her, especially in the last 6 years. I ask you
for applause for him and I ask God to lend him to us for many more years
to come.”

I feel blessed beyond measure because I carry my parents’ genes, their
strength and their resilience. My mother’s generous spirit touched the
lives of many including you, who I now thank for being on this journey
with me for the last few years. Rest in peace Mom.

Stay warm today; I’ll see you here next week, Marietta

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