The Pura Vida Climate!

Dear Friends,

A very chilly, hazy, renewal Sunday greeted me today in San José. The
whistling wind rushing past the windows made me want to remain under
the covers but I bravely began my day, grateful that even though I was
not in Atenas, my Dad was brewing a pot of Atenas coffee. The aroma
wafted through the air as I began my Sunday routine. Get out early today
before the second Sunday of 2018 gets away from you.

The last couple of weeks have gone very quickly, almost in a surreal way,
as we navigate the reality that is ours after my Mom’s passing. Since I
don’t have my car here, my Dad and I have been doing most of our errands
by taxi. I have walked even more in the last several days than I do when I
am in New York, and I walk around there quite a bit. The experience has
been very interesting on many different fronts.

Atenas mornings are almost always very sunny. The mountains surround
me and I pinch myself often as a reminder to be thankful for the life I am
living. San Francisco dos Rios’ (San José) skies are not always clear but
from the second floor windows of my parents’ home, I can appreciate the
ring of mountains in the distance and the view of the twinkling lights at
night is frankly spectacular. I recall how my mother loved the view!

I am never more aware of our country’s micro climates than when I make
the drive back and forth from San José to Atenas. The overall climate of
Costa Rica is “mild”, but we have lately been exposed to drastic seasonal
changes that have me carrying an umbrella and wearing a sweater in what
ought to be our “summer”. It is very uplifting, however, that no matter
where I find myself in this nation, a greeting is always offered and replied
to. The climate of Pura Vida never changes!

Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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