Daydreaming can be good!

Dear Friends,

I awakened to a warm and still Sunday morning in Atenas. When I stand
on our terrace, I am aware of the layers and layers of different sounds in
the “country”: the cicadas on a nearby tree; the sound of neighborhood
dogs greeting walkers-by; the live music from a surrounding church. My
eyes spot a large iguana making its way across our lawn. I breathe in and
stretch my body in gratitude for everything in my world this morning.

We have already lived 3 weeks in 2018. My prediction is that 2018 will
go as quickly for me as 2017 did. Time has a way of escaping, especially
in these modern times of so many distractions entertaining us away from
the goals that we have set for ourselves. Every so often, I scold myself
for not getting more done in a day, then I remind myself that being hard
on me by having unrealistic expectations serves no one!

I asked my daughter years ago who she would be if she had enough time,
money and the support of her family and the universe. She stared at me
for a long minute and told me she had no answer for that question…yet. I
ask myself the same question often but then don’t spend enough time on
listening for the answer as some distraction or interruption forces me to
change my focus.

My priorities for my journey through life have changed as I accept that
time is finite and that a solid sense of direction is a must if I want to leave
a concrete legacy for my descendants. I am nostalgic for the carefree days
of childhood when daydreaming was not a waste of time but a worthwhile
endeavor that sparked my creativity and gave glimpses to life’s complexity.

French philosopher Gabriel Marcel’s quote about life being a mystery to be
lived rather than a problem to be solved was a phrase my mother referred to
when situations beyond her control presented themselves in her life. I am
glad I heard her say it often because it became a saying for me as well. My
regret is that I never asked her where she first heard it and I can only guess
that the answer lies in the many books in my parents’ libraries.

Have a wonderful, daydreamy Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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