A Perfect Sunday!

Good Morning Friends,

When I stepped onto the terrace this morning, mentally preparing for the
events of the day, I was conscious of the stillness in the air. The fallen
leaves strewn on the lawn are physical, visible reminders of yesterday’s
strong breezes that I hope will not repeat their appearance yet. Get out
early today and enjoy oneness with Nature before the day gets away.

I am grateful today for the richness of all aspects of my life. The serious
undertaking of being on the Board of Directors of the Hogar de Ancianos
has enhanced my existence in ways I never expected. I have had the honor
of congregating regularly with people from all walks of life who seek ways
to improve the services offered to this vulnerable population.

We had our semi-annual assembly yesterday afternoon. The presentation of
a short video highlighting some the year’s activities with and for our Seniors
was a reminder of how important it is to connect them to the community. It is
very rewarding to see how many young people choose to volunteer some of
their time at our institution because the contact benefits both sides greatly.

The members in attendance were also able to see that their ideas are taken in-
to account and made a reality when possible, such as improving the entrance
to make it more welcoming and purchasing two back-up generators which
keep everything running smoothly when the power goes out in Atenas. The
investment has granted peace of mind since we know our residents are safe.
We welcome input from the assembly and I am happy to serve on this team.

Have a perfect Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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