The transient nature of life

Dear Friends, I woke up to an inspiring Sunday morning. The air is cool; the tiles on the terrace brilliant and warm in the sunshine. It's a good day to make wonderful memories that we can revisit often in solitude. Get out early today just in case another strong rainfall surprises us like it did … Continue reading The transient nature of life

The Power of Words

Dear Friends, I awoke to the familiar sounds of my neighborhood on Sunday mornings. My first cup of coffee, accompanied by a hearty breakfast, was restorative. Breathe in, stretch and take in all that life offers you today. Do it leisurely; remember to live the day fully, appreciating your ability to do so. It feels … Continue reading The Power of Words

International Poetry Festival Granada Nicaragua

Dear Friends, Welcome to another Sunday morning. I am greeted by different sights and and sounds this morning as I wake up in Granada, Nicaragua where I arrived a few days ago after a very short flight from Costa Rica. Although I am not in Atenas, I still intend to get out to enjoy and … Continue reading International Poetry Festival Granada Nicaragua