May Costa Rica Win!

Dear Friends,

A cool Sunday for rest, renewal and relaxation greets us all this morning. I see
a large gulp of tiny swallows swooping energetically outside my windows. Their
carefree gliding encourages me to get out early today to enjoy the fresh air and
beauty Nature provides on a daily basis. I urge you also to take in all this good-
ness before the day gets away.

For the last several months, Costa Rican citizens have been subject to heavy
political campaigning from 13 aspiring candidates to the Presidency. People
running for one of the 57 legislative seats have been equally forceful in their
advertisements. The last few days have been quiet (as required by law); we are
given a welcome rest so that we can reflect and make an informed decision.

As we head to the polls today, many of us are still undecided. Apathy and fear
have been competing in our minds and hearts as we come face to face with the
undeniable reality of corruption and self-interest in our elected officials. All of
us are angry with false and broken promises that threaten our long-standing
democracy and keep us from moving forward. More people than ever before
are expressing their intention to not vote today, something I find hard to accept.

While I understand and share the general disappointment with the candidates
and their proposals, I refuse to give up my right to vote today. I believe I have
an obligation to cast my ballot because I know that to be a full participant in
the affairs of my community and country, I have to take a stand. Voting is one
aspect of civics that is totally under our control. It behooves us to show love
for our country today by making the most responsible selection we can given
the choices. Do it early, polls close at 6 p.m. May Costa Rica win!

Have a wonderful day and a stupendous week, Marietta free to use image

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