International Poetry Festival Granada Nicaragua

Dear Friends,

Welcome to another Sunday morning. I am greeted by different sights and
and sounds this morning as I wake up in Granada, Nicaragua where I arrived
a few days ago after a very short flight from Costa Rica. Although I am not
in Atenas, I still intend to get out to enjoy and appreciate the different beauty
my eyes take in in this magnficent Colonial city. Get out early too and make
the most of the gift of this day.

Granada, colorful and charming, has been the host city for an International Poetry
Festival since 2005. This year´s edition begins today. I am eager to take part in
the festivities. During our leisurely walk yesterday evening, my companions and I
witnessed the transformation of the streets into the setting that will be home to
poets, spectators, residents and tourists for the next few days.

This city´s historical background and inspiring architecture, its spacious streets
and plazas, is the perfect backdrop for a festival which attempts to rescue and
strengthen national traditions. As I watched traditional dancing yesterday after-
noon, I became nostalgic when thinking about how much of our own culture has
disappeared in Costa Rica.

I admire the leaders of cultural groups who continue to volunteer their time and
talents to younger generations. It is wonderful to see the smiling faces of the
youngsters as they perform on stage or watch from the audience. It is clear that
they are proud of their culture and it is motivating to experience the welcoming
cordiality of people we pass by. I regret I can´t stay longer this time, but I know
that I will visit Nicaragua again in the future.

Sundays are special for me. My ritual of enjoying a leisurely breakfast while looking
back over the week is one of my favorite activities. This morning I find myself in a
different country but one where I can still enjoy the delicious tranquility that I have
come to appreciate as a great contributor to my mental health. I hope you take time
out to also enjoy a few hours of quiet reflection before you begin your week.

Have a wonderful day and a great week, Marietta

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