The transient nature of life

Dear Friends,

I woke up to an inspiring Sunday morning. The air is cool; the tiles on the
terrace brilliant and warm in the sunshine. It’s a good day to make wonderful
memories that we can revisit often in solitude. Get out early today just in
case another strong rainfall surprises us like it did yesterday! I will take my
own advice soon.

Every dry season in Atenas finds me observing the different shades of brown
grass on our lawn. The constant (and often strong) winds generate plenty of
leaves for our gardener (and rake) to tidy up. The hours consumed by that task
are numerous and require patience. When I come back to a recently-manicured
section of the lawn at our home, I feel gratitude and appreciation for his work.

I went to San José yesterday afternoon. The difference in temperature between
Atenas and San José is very noticeable for me. I enjoy observing the contrast of
of flowers and trees that bloom in this season in both places. Hydrangeas grow
large and colorful in San José, they seem to prefer the cooler air. On my drive, I
appreciate the singular beauty of nature’s hues against the trees’ naked branches.

corteza from
Cortez amarillo blossom

Some time ago, a group of volunteers planted trees along some roads in Atenas
during the first days of that year’s rainy season. It was an ambitious project that
required the trees to be watered manually the first couple of dry seasons. Some
of the trees did not survive; the ones that did are currently blooming and giving
us an opportunity to stop and look at the flowers. Their short-lived existence is
a reminder of the transient nature of life, something we should be mindful of.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

image free to use

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